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Earth Day Project — Repurposing Juice Bottles Into Food Containers

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Happy Earth Day all you small house living folks! I wanted to share with you all, and the world, a little solution to throw-away plastic bottles. Almost anything can be Re-used, Recycled, or Repurposed nowadays. My most recent ‘brainstorm’ might be something you’ve already thought of, but if not…her ya go!

Because we live full-time in less than 200 square feet of space, I’ve had to come up with creative alternatives to storage, and had to rethink how I stock my pantry. If it isn’t square or rectangular in shape, it’s going to rob me of much-needed pantry space.

Change gears towards the fact that my preschooler goes through several bottles of fruit juice a week, since we do not give her sodas and she doesn’t really like them anyway. Either way, here we are with all of these plastic bottles.

In the past, I always recycled them, but…one day…

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