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Halloween Haunting & Baby’s First

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The world was brand new for our little girl, her first Halloween in Fort Worth when she was only a month old. We were still a part of the rat race, making the best of it in our little rock house on Riverside Drive.

Little did we know that just a few months later, in the new year, crime would move in on us…and we’d make the decision to sell it all, buy our VW Camper Bus…


Author: gypsyvinrose

Just a Vagabond who chooses not to fit into societal measures. I strive to live a simple life, below my means....somewhere out there, preferably Off the Grid. My choice of lifestyle and the way my family and I live has often labeled us 'Gypsies', which in-part was the inspiration behind Gypsy Vin Rose -- my artist' name. I write, compose, and perform all original songs about mine and my family's experiences out there on the in to Wanderlust. Hear my newest works at When I'm not writing new songs, I write books -- women's fiction, children's name it! My last released book was Monday...Super-Fun Day; which teaches the days of the week to young readers. It was my first (and most rewarding) effort at illustrating in watercolors, and my debut children's picture book. I am currently working on my second women's fiction novel, as well as another children's book. Order copies of my written works at, Barnes & Noble, or where ever quality books are sold. Follow links from my author page at At this writing, I am between the restoration of my antique sailing vessel, Mystic Mermaid; a 68 Morgan 30, and the ongoing upkeep and restoration of my hip gypsy bus. I invite you to join me as I strive to learn from my failures as well as my successes. After all...the journey is always the best part. May you find your path in life, as I always seek to do. Blessings and .V.. (Peace) Gypsy

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